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Test your database with the Church Software Report Card


If your current church software doesn’t make the grade, it’s time to make a switch. ELEXIO does all these things and more!

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A: 46-50 POINTS

Congratulations! Your church software is really meeting the needs of your church. Your integrations are seamless and you feel like your technology is working well to support your ministry. Kudos to you on the software choices you’ve made to empower your ministry.

B: 41-45 POINTS

Your software is solid and supports your ministry, but you have some limitations that just aren’t available to you and are causing you to focus less on ministry and more on technology. You’re duplicating some efforts because you don’t have seamless integrations between giving and your website, and your workflows are limited.

C: 31-40 POINTS

You probably describe your software as “good enough.” It’s helpful, but doesn’t really do what you’d like it to and the team behind it isn’t helping you use it well.

D: 21-30 POINTS

Your software does a little, but you could use something more powerful to support your church’s mission.

F: 10-20 POINTS

Your software is missing some key features that would help to serve and grow your ministry

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How to integrate your Giving and Church Management System


1. Get ELEXIO Church Management Software


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2. We help you migrate (for free!)


Step 2-5

3. Celebrate the time and work saved!


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